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Sunday, September 18, 2011

!!~message from izzatul husna~!!

Friday Izzatul Hasazli
You know what, if any guy tells me that he likes me because I am cute, I will just thank him and ignore him after that. My physical cuteness will not last forever. There are times when I wake up from a wonderful nap, I look like a zombie. There are times when I sneeze unstoppably, I look like a clown. And when I laugh, my cuteness automatically disappears for I sound as though I was shouting instead of laughing gleefully.

"I would rather be liked and loved for who I am, for how I stand in front of my class and do my presentation and speak up my mind, for the knowledge I am eager to share with people, for why I do not wear makeup and stylish clothes, for how I care for those who are close to me, as well as other abstract reasons that one will learn after knowing me for a considerable length of time."

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